Still can’t move on!!

I’ve been not active to this site but!! Im trying to post!!

Anyway finally done watching this Bl series even its only 8 episode and i hope for next story will be good.. I don’t know if they gonna beat the first story! 😁😁😁

Cinderella Plot - Minase Masara

ive been 2 years or 3 years stop reading a yaoi manga and im trying to resume what i been stop and trying to catch up the others manga's and on of my favorite Author artist 'Minase Masara' im still stuck where i can find the chapter 11. . . . . . .   I check details/Baka updates and its complete and its only volume 3 still missing... Can someone MESSAGE me or i need to find the missing chapters....

Answer for question 4601.

If you retired tomorrow (or in some other way no longer had to work a job anymore), how would you spend the free time you suddenly had? Would it be new hobbies, volunteering, visiting family/friends? To what age do you think you'll have to work before you can retire?
doing nothing i guess.. or make some doing on my bucket list....